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Page Templates

Each template has instructions guiding you through each piece of content, what the parameters are and where it appears on the page. Templates are assigned to each page in the Page Attributes section of the right sidebar when editing any page. New pages will assume the Default template which is used for general text & forms.

The types of templates we currently have are:

Home Page
  • Home page fields and requirements are very straightforward. The only item on the homepage not controlled in the admin of that page is the list of announcements.
  • Announcements are auto generated from your announcement posts.
  • The number of announcements displayed is set to 3 and can be edited in Theme Settings.

Default template

The default template is the most common template used on the site for general text & forms.

  • The name of the page will display in larger blue text before the content of the page
  • Insert any content required directly under the name of the page
  • To insert a form click the (+) and choose Form. A dropdown will allow you to select the Gravity Form to paste on a page. Note that you must create the form first so you can place it on a page.
  • Optionally, select a sidebar for content that will display under the list of section/page links in the right sidebar. These sidebars are created in Appearance > Widgets. Select an unused sidebar (4, 5 or 6) and insert any content that should be displayed. Currently there is a text widget, but there is a full list of widgets available to the left which includes video, recent posts, forms, etc. Drag and drop to reorder within each sidebar, or use the red delete link in the bottom left of each widget to remove.

Landing pages (using Default template)

Landing pages for linking to various forms exist for Apply for Licensure and SLP-Assistants. These pages use the default template, headers, paragraph text, buttons and separators.

  • Format form title/heading as H5
  • Add any explanatory text as paragraphs or lists
  • Add a button by clicking the (+) and choosing the comment icon that says Button – enter the link, button text, etc as required
  • Separate sections by clicking the (+) and choosing separator, which will create a thin line to divide the sections

Board Members Page & Contact Page

These templates work the same way, with instructions for what information should be input for each member & specifications for photos.

  • If you require introductory text above the photos, input that into the field just under the title of the page.
  • Drag and drop team or board members to desired order
  • Photos are required. There is a placeholder photo in the media gallery if necessary.

Announcements List

This page has auto generated content from Announcements posts created individually here.

Alert Banner
  • An alert banner can be initiated in Theme Settings by entering text into the Alert Banner Text field. To disable the banner, remove text.
  • Add a link to the alert (optional) via the Alert Banner Link field.
  • The solid gold bar with white text will display just below the logo/navigation bar on every page.

Header, Footer & Menus
  • Logo is hard-coded on the site and cannot be edited via the admin.
  • The main navigation is set in the primary menu in Appearance > Menus.
  • The topbar links in the solid blue bar at the very top of the page is set in the utility menu in Appearance > Menus.
    • The last link will be defined with a lighter blue background as a callout link (currently File a Complaint). Reorder links so the link you want highlighted is last in the list.
  • Footer links in the right side of the bottom blue bar visible on every page can be edited in the footer menu in Appearance > Menus.
  • Copyright date automatically displays the current year.
  • Copyright text can be edited in Theme Settings.

  • Sidebar links are generated by adding the page you create to the primary menu in Appearance > Menus.
  • Indention indicates the level of the page from top level (main nav) to second level (drop down menu & sidebars), etc.
  • New pages are added to the bottom of the existing list
  • Drag and drop to reorder & indent
  • Note that third level pages (ex. forms listed under Apply for Licensure or SLPA) do not display in the sidebar or top nav but must be added to the menu structure in order to show the other links in the same section.

  • All announcements are listed here
  • To create a new announcement, go to Announcements > Add New
    • Announcements are ordered by date (new to old)
    • Add a title & content
    • Choose Announcement Category in right sidebar (we currently have 4 categories; there is a link to create new categories if required)
    • Excerpt (optional) allows you to control what blurb is shown on the main announcements list page; if this is blank, a preset number of characters of the content area will display.
    • Sticky announcements (toggle bar under Announcement Fields below content area) will be pinned to the top of the list regardless of date
  • Right sidebar of all announcement pages – Subscribe to notifications of new announcements uses the Jetpack plugin.

Licensee & Assistant Searches:
Importing of Data for Licensee and Assistant Lookup Tools

Upload the CSV files exported from Filemaker to the web server using an FTP client (such as Fetch).

SFTP Address:
Port Number: 2222
Username: ncboardofexami-dsherwood
Password: Ellcam1989!$

Be sure to preserve the file structure and the filenames as they currently exist. If you change the column order or values, the import will not complete correctly.

The filenames are assistants.csv and licensees.csv. I placed sample versions of each file in the same FTP folder as the import files for reference.
Sample files: assistant sample / licensees sample

After FTP-ing the files to the server, open your site’s admin interface and go to All Import >> Manage Imports. Click the “Run Import” button next to the file you’d like to import then confirm and run the import on the next page. You should only run one import at a time. The full import of licensees may take up to an hour to complete. The assistants import will complete more quickly, so you may want to run that one first. You should leave the browser window open and the computer on during the import.

There are options to have the imports complete automatically overnight (after you upload the files to the server). Let us know if you’d like to pursue that. There’s a fee for the services that schedule these tasks.

Gravity Forms Documentation

Gravity Forms is the premium plugin used to create all of the forms on the website. All forms can be accessed here. Forms are created and edited in the Forms tab and embedded onto the appropriate web page. Each form has its own settings for notifications (user and admin). To access a form’s settings, hover over the name of the form in the Forms list and choose Settings.

WordPress Overview


Below is a list of plugins active at launch. All of these plugins are necessary for the website to function properly. Please do not delete or deactivate any of these! You can find a brief description of each on the Plugins page.

  • ACF QuickEdit Fields
  • Advanced Custom Fields PRO
  • Advanced Custom Fields: Sidebar Selector
  • Bulk Actions Pro for Gravity Forms
  • Custom Post Type UI
  • Duplicate Page
  • Gravity Forms (Paid: Premium)
  • Gravity Forms PayPal Standard Add-On
  • Gravity Forms Quiz Add-On
  • Gravity Forms Signature Add-On
  • Gravity PDF
  • Hide ACF Interface from Admin
  • Jetpack by (used for Announcements email subscription)
  • Redirection
  • WP All Import – ACF Add-On
  • WP All Import Pro
  • WP Mail SMTP
  • Yoast SEO

Hosting & Registrar
  • Hosting is through WPEngine; the account was set up by Denise Brown.
  • Registrar is Domain Registry Services – Kellie Capps has login information. Because DRS doesn’t support A record or CNAME for DNS pointing, a free CloudFlare account was set up by Kristen Wall to manage the DNS.
  • Email is hosted through (that may be changing – Kellie Capps working on this)


3/31/20 – KWALL

  • added MailChimp plugin for gravity forms + created announcement sign up form & connected to mailchimp
  • hard-coded signup form on page-announcements, page-home & single-announcements

4/30/20 – KWALL

  • SAVE & CONTINUE ISSUE: Added Fresh Forms for Gravity plugin which disables cacheing on form pages to solve the issue of users losing information they partially input into form before using Save & Continue. (WPEngine and CloudFlare both cache and cause issues with this. Simply enabling the plugin with no setup will disable cache.)
  • PDF ATTACHMENT ISSUE (NOTIFICATION EMAIL): Double checked every form for PDF options and added a direct link to download the PDF to each User Notification (some users randomly not receiving attachment).

5/7/20 – KWALL

  • Changed “logged in” setting on GF PDF to 0 (not recommended) so that there is no expiration date / time on PDF links that are emailed to form users

6/1/20 – SCOTT

Denise was having issues with failing imports of licensees for the search feature. Scott determined that the updated WP Import plugin required headers in the CSV file. From WP Import support:

>> If I edit the import and run a preview, it says that my title is empty. It’s currently defined as: {column_1[1]} {column_2[1]} {column_3[1]}

Please try adding this code snippet inside your child themes functions.php file or in a plugin like Code Snippets ( ):

add_filter( 'wp_all_import_auto_create_csv_headers', 'wpai_wp_all_import_auto_create_csv_headers', 10, 2 ); 
function wpai_wp_all_import_auto_create_csv_headers( $create_headers, $import_id ){ 
    // Return true to auto-generate header, or false to use the header in the file.
    return TRUE;

Then, re-run the import to generate the “column_x” headers again. Let me know how it goes.

Important note: if you have other imports that don’t use “column_x” headers, you should add an IF conditional in the code so that it only runs for the necessary import IDs.

From Scott to Denise re: cacheing:

If you tried the import with a bad file first, then immediately uploaded a new one and then had issues, it’s possible that it was a problem with the web server caching the old file. WPEngine – your hosting company – will cache files for ~10 minutes to improve performance of the site. You can override this by going to:  (this is the page linked to by the “WP Engine -> General Settings” link in the upper left-hand corner when you’re logged in as an admin)
then click on “purge all caches”

Typically, you wouldn’t need to purge caches unless you uploaded a bad file first and didn’t want to wait 10 minutes.

8/6/21 – KWALL

  • Updated links to all forms now hosted by Thentia
  • created redirects for old form links
  • changed URL of forms, listed them on one page for office if they need to send people to mail in only forms
  • disabled Bulk Delete plugin, WP All Import Pro and WP All Import – ACF Add On plugins – these were used for the licensee search
  • had scott disable the SLP/AUD Licensees CPT and the Assistants CPT

8/26/21 – KWALL

Verifications to other state form was failing after we added paypal back in. The CC fields were required if they were visible, but they were hidden with display: none; so you couldnt complete the form. something leftover from adding/removing/readding paypal in the settings > paypal checkout tab > conditional logic was messing it up. i had to reset that conditional logic to get it to work.