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*Revised Policy for Hearing Screening

The Board has created a committee to address all concerns. The Policy for Hearing Screening does not have a comment period. For comments on the Policy for Hearing Screening they must be submitted to the Board office in writing one week prior to that month’s board meeting. If the Board office receives your comment after the deadline it will be taken to the next month’s meeting.

Any questions regarding “*Revised Policy for Hearing Screening” should be emailed to [email protected]

*Revised Policy for Hearing Screening
Feedback on *Revised Policy for Hearing Screening

A small list of topics some of the feedback on the Policy for Hearing Screening covers can be found by clicking the button below. If you have any concerns that aren’t on this list, or addressed during the April 23, 2021 board meeting please email Denise Brown at [email protected]

Feedback List

*This policy is intended to provide guidance to licensees for best practices.
The Board recognizes that there may be exigent circumstances wherein the policy may not be fully exercised by a licensee without creating an unintended negative consequence to the patient and welcomes information and concerns regarding those circumstances. This policy has purposely not yet been vetted, adopted and promulgated as a rule in order to allow the Board to consider input and responses from stakeholders and take those responses into consideration when drafting a rule outlining best practices for hearing screening. The rulemaking process will also remain transparent with notice and an opportunity to be heard. We thank you in advance for your input.