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Temporary Licensee

List of Information

If you are a temporary/provisional licensee applicant please review your applicable temporary licensure page under “Apply” for the correct information.

The completion date is the day all observation hours are supposed to be completed by. Your expiration date is twenty days after the completion date to allow time for your paperwork to be processed by the Board office.

If there are any changes in your SEY Plan you are to provide the Board with a new plan in advance of those changes. Any change in your plan must be approved in advance by the Board, in order to keep your temporary license valid.

You will need to submit the SEY Report, and the permanent licensure fee is $60. Online payments are subject to a convenience charge.

Fill out online

With our new system, once you have entered your hours you will need to let your supervisor know. The system does not send an email notifying them.

  • If you have not made your Praxis score available you will need to do so. The reporting code is 7757.
  • Official Transcripts showing your master’s/doctoral degree conferred. These can be submitted electronically from your alma mater to us via email at transcripts@ncboeslpa.org, or mailed to NCBOESLPA, PO Box 16885, Greensboro, NC 27416-0885.

  • **Please note, applicants do supply official transcripts, they don’t always have the degree conferred. For the permanent license we need the official copy showing the degree conferred.