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Audiology Assistants

List of Information

The Supervising Audiologist and applicant will need to submit the registration packet.

Submit an official transcript with a High School Diploma or Equivalent degree conferred to Kate Young Maffeo at

Pure Tone Audiometry: If the applicant is a Certified Occupational Hearing Conservationist (COHC), or certified through an equivalent program. Evidence of the certification needs to be sent to Kate Young Maffeo at, or mailed to NCBOESLPA, PO Box 16885, Greensboro, NC 27416-0885.

The Supervising Audiologist will need to complete the Competency Checklist form located below within 90 days.

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The Primary Supervising Audiologist shall remit to the Board an annual registration fee for the Assistant in the amount of forty dollars. Online payments are subject to a convenience charge.

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The additional Audiologist needs to submit a request to Assistant Executive Director Kate Young Maffeo. This request needs to have their name and license number number, the Audiology Assistants name and registration number, and the requested start date of the supervision.

You can send an email to Kate Young Maffeo. In the email be sure to include your name and license number, assistants name and registration number, and the end date of supervision.

You can send an email to Sergei Maxfield. In the email be sure to include your name, registration number, and what information needs to be changed (name, mailing address, etcetra).