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Audiology Assistants

All Audiologists must register any individual looking to provide direct patient services in the state of NC as outlined in Administrative Code 21 NCAC 64 .1104 Authorized Tasks of Audiology Assistants(a).

If an Audiologist supervises or provides supervision for an unregistered individual they are in violation of Article 22 § 90-301A Unethical acts and practices  (2) and (8).

Application Process

– Official copy (not student) of high school diploma or official copy (not student) of GED.

– If the audiology assistant plans to conduct pure tone audiometry they must submit proof of one of the following with their application:

  • Certified Occupational Hearing Conservations (COHC)
  • A program with equivalent certification requirements of COHC
  • NC Hearing Aid Dealers and Fitters Board exam