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Expired License

“Expired” means the license isn’t active anymore. This isn’t derogatory or bad, just not in use anymore. For licenses with derogatory actions on their license we use “Disciplinary Action”.

  • You can make your license “Expired” in your portal. To do this log in to your portal, then select “Status Change Request” from the menu list on the left after logging in.
  • You can mail in your renewal notice and write that you don’t want to renew on it.
  • You can email Sergei Maxfield and let him know you want to move your license to “Expired” status.

Please view the following document available on our Special Circumstances Applicants page.

You will receive your first renewal notice, a second notice, and a final notice stating your license has been expired and will be suspended. When sending the final notice a phone call will be made, an email sent, or a letter mailed letting the licensee know of the suspension.

If you are unsure of your licenses expiration date give the office a call.

  • If a licensee doesn’t renew by their license expiration date there is a thirty day grace period in which they can renew their license.
  • After this thirty day grace period the delinquent fee is applied ($25).
  • To renew a license that is expired the licensee will need to supply the renewal form, renewal fee, delinquent fee, and a statement.
  • In this statement the licensee will inform the Board if they have/have not been providing services in the state of NC with an expired NC license. This statement can be February 7, 2020. A list of board meeting dates is available under “Board Information”.

You will need to provide a statement for why you were providing services in NC with an expired NC license. This will be taken to the monthly board meeting for review. Your license will not be renewed until the Board has reviewed the statement.