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Unethical Acts and Practices Reminder to Licensees

February 6, 2024

The Board requires that anyone (including but not limited to students, clinical fellows, licensees, assistant registrant applicants, and temporary assistant applicants) who will be providing professional services under a licensee’s supervision to meet one of the following requirements:

  1. Have a plan of supervision signed by the supervisor and representative of the student’s graduate/undergraduate/associate’s program, for the time the student will complete clinical fieldwork hours under a licensed supervisor. 
  2. The individual must hold a temporary or full assistant registration under a Board licensee.
  3. The individual must hold a temporary license and the supervisor supervising them must be listed with the Board as their approved supervisor.

The supervising licensee is responsible for submitting the registration documentation to the Board and ensuring the registration or temporary license has been issued before any services may be provided by the supervisee. Allowing anyone to provide services as outlined in Article 22 and the Administrative Code is a violation of § 90-301A. Unethical acts and practices (2).