SLP & Audiology Assistants

In addition to the current pathways to be registered as a Speech Language Pathology Assistant the Board will now offer a temporary registration option for those completing 100 hours of supervised Clinical Fieldwork for applicants meeting degree and coursework requirements.

The Board will start accepting ASHA Assistant Certification Exam in lieu of the North Carolina SLP-Assistant administered exam. For more information please go here.

I want to update my name, change my mailing address, or both! Please send an email to Sergei Maxfield be sure to include the following:
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Temporary Registration Instructions & Information

What Do I Need to Submit?

1. Take and pass the Jurisprudence Exam.
2. Complete the Speech Language Pathology Assistant application.
3. Submit an official transcript showing their degree conferred to [email protected], or mailed to PO Box 16885 Greensboro, NC 27416.
4. Submit a Temporary Registration Packet with their potential supervisor.

What Happens Next?

Once the items have been submitted you will be issued a temporary registration under the license of the supervising SLP.
1. This registration is active for a maximum of 120 days. Some temporary assistants may complete their Clinical Field work quicker than others.
2. The 100 hours of Clinical Field work may not include observation hours.
-80% should be direct patient/client services.
-20% should be indirect patient/client services.
3. All Clinical Field work is to be supervised by the temporary registrant’s Primary Supervisor.
4. The 120-day registration is not extended.

Once the applicant provides the Board proof of the completed Clinical Field work requirement and a passing score on one of the Board approved Speech Language Pathology Assistant Exams the applicant is eligible to be registered as a Speech Language Pathology Assistant.

Furthermore, Assistant Applicants still submit official transcripts as part of their application. Assistants are still required to be registered under a NC licensed supervisor to work in NC.


SLP-Assistant Applicants

After you apply you are required to take the Jurisprudence exam (if you do not have an associates in SLP-Assisting) and the NC SLP-A administered exam. The Jurisprudence exam is administered by the North Carolina Board of Examiners for Speech-Language Pathologists and Audiologists. Once this exam is passed you are eligible to take the NC SLP-A exam, which costs $500. If you went to Fayetteville or Caldwell Technical Community College you should have already taken the NC SLP-A exam. After you have been registered, the assistant and their supervisor must fill out the SLP-Assistant Registration form below.

APPLY Online
SLP Registration Renewal
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SLP-Assistant Registration

This form should only be used if the SLP-Assistant has never been registered or if the SLP-Assistant is not currently registered under another licensed SLP. If the SLP-Assistant is adding an additional primary or secondary supervisor or is changing from one supervisor to another, you should complete the SLP-Assistant Supervision Change form below.

Register Online Download PDF Registration Form
SLP-Assistant Competency Checklist

This checklist should be completed and submitted to the board within 90 days of SLP-Assistant registration.

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Protocol Target Behavior Form
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SLP-Assistant Supervision Change
Submit Changes Online

Audiology Assistants

Audiology Assistant Registration
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