Public Hearing July 22, 2022 for the New Proposed Rule


Reminder to all Licensees and Assistants

August 30, 2021

As a reminder the 90-day grace period is no longer in effect. It hasn’t been since the May 14, 2021, Board meeting. Courtesy renewal notices are sent to the mailing address on file with the Board. Once placed in the mail we cannot ensure delivery to the address on file. As § 90-300. Renewal of licenses states:

“A licensee shall annually pay to the Board a fee in the amount established by the General Assembly for a renewal of his license.”

Additionally, to activate your account with our new system, you will need to use the email address on file with the Board. If you are an applicant please use the Applicant Portal, this option will allow you to create your account.

Also, for Assistants your Primary Supervisor will need to activate their account; to renew your registration, and update your information, such as your mailing address, name, and employment. Please remember to direct your concerns to the appropriate office staff; our office staff has a list of what they handle under their name on the Contact Page. Multiple emails sent to all office staff slows down processing time.