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Board Members:

Allison Harrington, M. Ed., SLP, Chairman

Dwan Paxton, M.Ed., SLP

Adam Mehlenbacher, Au.D., Audiologist

Carey Pahel, Au.D., Audiologist

Eileen M. Raynor, M.D.

Emily W. Page, Public Member

Board Counsel:

Nahale Freeland Kalfas

Administrative Team:

Denise Sherwood, Administrator

Courtney Willingham, Administrative Assistant

Kate Young, Administrative Assistant


PO Box 16885
Greensboro, NC 27416-0885

Telephone (336) 272-1828
Fax (336) 272-4353

Denise Sherwood, Assistant Administrator -
Courtney Willingham, Assistant Administrator -
Kate Young, Administrative Assistant-