ASLP-IC Rulemaking comment period now open


Policy and Legislative Updates

March 2, 2021

During the February 26, 2021 board meeting the Board asked the public for more feedback regarding the Policy for Hearing Screening. They provided a summary of topics some of the feedback on this policy covered, and the floor was open to the public for new concerns. The committee is still looking at the feedback they have received. Due to the high volume of responses, it is taking the committee time to address each concern. If you have feedback that has not been addressed during the meeting, or is not on the list, please email your feedback to Denise Brown at [email protected]. A list of topics covered can be found here:

The comment period for the Proposed Rules ends March 16, 2021. The full document can be found here: Here is a list of the Proposed Rules:

  • 21 NCAC 64 .0108 – To give the Board authority to waive rules when requested.
  • 21 NCAC 64 .0219 – To clarify the roles of Speech and Language Pathology Assistants and Audiology Assistants.
  • 21 NCAC 64 .1101 – To provide a single location in the chapter for definitions.
  • 21 NCAC 64 .1102 – To clarify the registration process of Audiology Assistants.
  • 21 NCAC 64 .1103 – To set out the requirements by which audiologists supervise assistants.
  • 21 NCAC 64 .1104 – To set out the scope of practice for Audiology Assistants.
  • 21 NCAC 64 .1105 – To set out supervision and continuing competence requirements of Audiology Assistants

Additionally, there are statutory revisions for Audiologists. The NCAA (North Carolina Audiology Association) has created these changes. To access information regarding the Policy for Hearing Screening, Proposed rules, and the Statutory Revisions for Audiologists please click here: Finally, please note the current COVID-19 allowances are still in place until April 1, 2021.