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Filing a Complaint


Complaints are given to the licensee for his/her review and opportunity to provide a response.  Complaints are reviewed by a probable cause investigator or reviewed by non-board member staff who drafts a letter of recommendation for the Board’s review.  After review, one of the following decisions is made regarding disposition of the complaint:  write letter to complainant dismissing complaint; request additional information before accepting complaint; determine probable cause exists and recommend notice of hearing and disciplinary complaint be served upon licensee; or turn complaint over to a sub-committee of the Board for settlement conference and/or informal investigation conference.  The Board expects complaints to be filed only after thorough and complete investigation and cannot accept additional information once a formal Notice of Hearing is issued.  Complaints become public record if and when a disciplinary hearing is held or a consent agreement is negotiated for the purpose of disciplinary action and, therefore, reportable to all relevant databanks and/or organizations.  The party who filed the complaint will be notified of the final disposition of that complaint.

Administrative/Recordkeeping (21 NCAC 64 .0209)
Fraud (90-301(1)(2); 90-301A(1)
Advertising (90-301A(3); 21 NCAC 64 .0214)
Professional Misconduct (90-301(5)
Fees & Billing Practices (90-301A(1)&(7)
Unlicensed Practice (90-294(b)
Other - All possible violations may be found
in the Statute & Rules. Please explain in
the other box below.

By submitting this complaint, I hereby swear to the truthfulness of the foregoing statements and attachments.

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